America’s Extreme Top Model is a fictional reality web show in which a number of aspiring models compete for the title of America’s Extreme Top Model and a chance to start their career in the modeling industry.

The show premiered in December 2007 on this channel. Since its debut eight girls won the title and currently a ninth (Booch VS Tooch) season is airing.


13 new aspiring models competed for the title in cycle 2 from March until June 2008. Week by week a model was voted out of the competition. Here you can re-watch the whole second cycle, or you can enter this fascinating world by watching it for the first time: Enjoy!

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Who was your favourite? Did you like the outcome? Dish about this season from back in the days.

The Models:
Ashley Black
Bre Scullark
Brita Petersons
Brooke Staricha
Christina Murphy
Coryn Woitel
Danielle Evans
Joanie Dodds
Kahlen Rondot
Leslie Mancia
Nnenna Agba
Noelle Staggers
Sarah Rhoades

Airtime: March 2008 – June 2008


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  1. Hi Top Model Fans! Did you see the latest episode of the Booch VS Tooch Season? The final is almost there with only 4 models remaining. Check it out on my channel and enjoy!

  2. I thought this is real. Wasted my 1 hour just watching this. This is Cyle 6 of ANTM and Danielle is the winner. This is really confusing.


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