पूरी ख़बर यहां पढ़ें –

Coronavirus Death toll in America is nearing towards the mark of one lakh. The New York Times on Sunday marked the grim milestone with a stark memorial on its front page — one-line obituaries for 1,000 victims. “The 1,000 people here reflect just one percent of the toll. None were mere numbers,” the newspaper said in a short introduction on the front page, which was entirely covered in text. As of Saturday evening, the US had recorded 97,048 deaths and 1.6 million cases of the virus, and will likely reach 100,000 fatalities in a matter of days.

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  1. दी लल्लनटॉप का ऐंड्रॉयड ऐप इंस्टॉल करिए और फीडबैक दीजिए: https://thelallantop.app.link/zCSsHooQSU

  2. सुधर जाओ मेरे देश के वासियों भारत में भी प्रकोप छा गया है अब ना सुधरे तो अपने यहाँ करोड़ में गिनती की जायेगी ।

  3. ये तमाचा है वहाँ की मीडिया का सरकार के मुंह पर … हमारे यहाँ के मीडिया में है हिम्मत???

  4. Bharat me aisa Karna sambhav nahi he.Yahan Sarkar ke khilaf awaz uthana matlab desh drohi kehlana. Kyun ki America me educated citizen rehte hain magar Bharat me murkh Andhbhakt rehte hain.

  5. Lullantop वाले वामपंथी टुकड़े मीडिया वाले चीन के चमचे है।। जब चीन से ये खबर आयी की 2 करोड़ से ज्यादा Sim कार्ड बंद हो जिसे कोरोना से मरने वालों को जोड़ा गया, तो इधर उधर की बाते कहने लगे। तब कह रहे थे कि इसमें सच्चाई कितनी है किसी को नही पता।। और देखो

  6. "Transition to Greatness!"

    If you have followed the news around Trump, then you may know he is talking about reopening of the economy. It's a move that the country needs especially if you see that the data+research around Coronavirus is misleading.

    Many of the hospitals remained empty. 1,60,000 beds were demanded by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (Democrat) and around 19,000 were put to use. Now Andrew Cuomo has sent a directive that the elderly population, which is most risk-prone during the pandemic, needs to be sent back to the old-age homes.
    Influenza season which kills 47,000-60,000 people every year in the USA, during November end to April mid, that data is missing.
    Doctors are made to declare the death of a person from any disease to be a SARS Covid-19 death, "if they think that that person may have died from it."

    One of the hospitals in New York I guess was reported to be overcrowded, I guess it was shown in CBS news, but then a guy from the hospital said it was staged.

  7. Texas is ruled by a Republican governor, Greg Abbott.
    Austin, the capital city of Texas, is however run by a Democrat government, under Steve Adler.
    Steve Adler wants still the Lockdown to prevail like other Democrat run states, cities and counties.
    However the republicans want to open the state so the economy can get back on track, as unemployment is at the highest rate, the economy is sinking and people aren't been able to pay their rents, so the Govt. Is printing money to compensate. Now remember the USA is already in debt, almost 20-21 trillion debt. Further printing of money to a huge amount which Trump did and Democrats applauded him for it, would make the economy more debt ridden. Now if the economy is not opened, more would die (read the article about correlation between bad economy and deaths in a country).

    The republicans want to open the economy, so the people who are doing the strike are doing it in Austin (Democrat run state). They are doing it against the Democrat govt., Not against the Republican (state and center) govt. As per the WHO estimates the cost of keeping the economy closed is much higher than keeping it running.

  8. Are bha anchor logo ki Kya kami hai es desh mein ke kisiko bhi utha laye,…,..Shure dhire par teji see…….tu time let par jaldi karoo….(gas Gaye re Obama)

  9. जो अच्छा बोलता है, वह जरूरी नहीं कि अच्छा काम भी कर सके, फिर चाहे वह ट्रंप हो या मोदी हो।

  10. Just look at the damn replies of the tweet, they just destroying their first man. This isn't serious in countries like US cause they know when the government is doing fake propaganda n filling pockets of industrialists with taxes of common citizen. Whoa, really. Look at the blue tick replies. A whole lot a them. Famous personalities being anti-national seems common foe here in India too. Government are supposed to be criticized in democracy, if not then it is either ruled by Barak or APJ Kalam or Saddam.
    You ain't supposed to criticize your government here in India, if you do then you are a simply anti-nationalists.

  11. खबर बता रहे हो या गाली दे रहे हैं। थोड़ा धीरे धीरे बताया करो।

  12. People in western are careless. They dont want lock down. They cant maintain social distancing. But they even cant tolerate mass loss. irresponsible citizens of USA

  13. America me log corona virus se nahi mar rahe hin vahan kale American Aur Musalmano ko hospital me Jan bujh kar mara ja raha

  14. 😂😂😂😂😂 yeh sada huya santra to gaya Ab gobar Bhakt ayege or trump ki puja karege 😂😂😂😂

  15. India me bhi yhi hal hoga, agr india abhi strictness nhi follow ki gyi to, jb 100 log positive mile tb to lockdown kiya and abhi 100000+ ho gye he to lockdown hta rhe he……so sad

  16. The lallan top ka best reporter कोई फालतू की बात नहीं लास्ट वाला चैनल का सिर्फ 28 सेकंड में ही .

  17. America ne jitne logon ko Afganistan Iraq aur Siriya me mara jab tak us double nahi marega tab tak America se corona virus khatam nahi hoga jo log sahmat h like karen

  18. Bro u r selected in lallantop bahut achi vani hai news ke liye and reply it's a history for the world. Use kahte hai over confidence of america magar galati sirf donald truph ki hi nhi people ki bhi hi


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