Seventy-eight episodes, 30,000+ miles driven and we finally found an AMC Rebel Machine! If that doesn’t illustrate just how rare of a sighting this is then I don’t know what will. Follow along as Tom walks you through two very impressive barn find collections in the Atlanta area.

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Tom Cotter literally wrote the book(s) on barn finds, starting with The Cobra in the Barn. Tom travels North America in his 1939 Ford Woodie Wagon, searching for forgotten classics in barns, backyards, dusty garages, and scrapyards and meeting the fascinating characters who open the barn doors for him and tell him their stories.

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  1. I like your videos but I would like to know how you get the leads that you get? Sometimes you find cars for sale but you don't say where they are? Question do ever find cars in Pennsylvania or in the east?

  2. Thank you Tom you are an awesome dude. I wish I could buy half the cars that you show. Stay healthy and be safe

  3. Surgeons make 300-500k salaries minimum. With that salary no wonder he can afford to buy and restore one after another after another. What a blessing. Kids, stay in school

  4. Remarkable. I hope the gentleman gets to see the appreciation from all over the world for his efforts to restore cars most would find too hard or expensive. An absolute exceptional collection and person

  5. Another great episode Tom. Congratulations for the youtube prize ! ! ! ! It's my favorite show 👍👍👍

  6. Of all those cars his choice would be a Stag. Wow! That would be my choice too. They are absolutely gorgeous and contrary to most opinion, the original Triumph V8 can be reliable if built properly. Ralph Broadspeed proved that through his race programme.

  7. German cars from back then, up until around the mid 90's is what people talk about when you hear this "German Engineering" phrase. It's a phrase that doesn't mean anything anymore. They were just built differently, much more solid. Overbuilt. Less plastic. Especially BMW's. Unfortuneately the bean counters run these companies now and German cars today are expected to be leaders in tech and gizmos. That makes them unreliable if you compare them to your every day Camry or Accord, which people love to do.

  8. My first car was a 1971 Volkswagen Super Beetle Semi-automatic. I remember I was 17 in 1984, bought the car without test driving it. Paid $800. It was in a garage and I had the hardest time getting the car into reverse to back it out. I had it for a few years and got addicted to the beetles, I had 7 of them in total. I love this show and it brings back many memories of the many cars I have owned and have tried to own. Thank you Tom! Love the show and glad to see you are still out there hunting down cars amongst all the massive changes our world and country is experiencing. I especially love you never mention what is going on today in this show. You all at Hagerty let us relive some normalcy to the chaos ensuing us all. BRAVO!!!!!!!

  9. Tell the doc, I have a 1966 Marlin in good condition and I live down the street from his collection. I will let him have it cheap if he wants to restore it.

  10. I love how these guys say theyre going restore all these cars. Theres not enough years left in their lives to do so

  11. I know were a turn-key barn find ex gf has a 1976 Datsun 280 z in a barn hasn't been used regularly in 20 + yrs looking for someone to save this car ….

  12. On that single-cab, the generator pulley is loose.
    (Aftermkt nut bottoms out, unless you add xtra shims)

  13. So many special cars and rare ones but the Marlins and that Stag are just gorgeous ! Lovely lovely collection. Oh my that Porsche is rare like that. Well done on the 1M

  14. Congratulations Tom, on a million subscribers, your presentation makes the show as much as the cars! Thanks and keep the vids coming.

  15. Such a great show! Watching those episodes, makes so much fun and knowledge for a European guy like me. Keep running. Great stories and cars! Best regards Kristian – Denmark.

  16. Congratulations Tom en crew with your 1M subs. Love your videos. This one is epic for sure. Greetings from the Netherlands 👋

  17. Thats so cool his dad is from Lithuania, same country im from, and he was a diesel mechanic, meanwhile i worked a bit with truck diesel engines in the past (im only 20rn so dont have much experience in it yet).. and our country is so small it only has like 2.5 million ppl living here

  18. 10:20 love old mercs, my mum had one. Love the cars from where I live, England. Used to see Stags all the time. Jensen interceptors also when growing up……Amazing cars.

  19. Could have dedicated an entire episode to either one of those gentlemen and it would have been awesome.


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