Rachel Maddow shares the results of a new poll in which health care workers report shortages of masks and other protective equipment even after months of widespread public attention on the issue. Aired on 5/20/2020.
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Adequate PPE Still A Problem For American Health Care Workers | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. Your totally correct- I am scare they will run out soon then what about 2 nd wave – working in the frontline – every time trump says anything I scream ! He is a liar

  2. Here's the problem with PPE https://www.politico.com/news/2020/03/27/republican-fundraiser-company-coronavirus-152184
    And https://odaction.acemlnc.com/lt.php?s=62f889a406df6e1a7fa602528bb15784&i=1349A1484A5A52891
    Absolutely disgraceful!

  3. To know how Trump will answer a question or how he will act DOES NOT mean we are use to it doesn’t make it “ New normal “ what Trump says and does is not and never will be normal

  4. GOP, 45 and his Cultist are hoarding and keeping PPE supplies low and demand high to pull a premium profit. open up the books on the top GOP like Mitch, Graham, Jared and 45 you'll see how much they made off American deaths

  5. Why blur the chart page with the critical explanation and information about nursing and allied health care PPE shortage disparities?!?

  6. #MEDICARE and UBI for Americans
    NOW that we know $trillions$ are available
    Reroute American tax money to AMERICANS

  7. That’s because politics and politicians are concerned about themselves and their party the country comes second

  8. Stop Whining the King Of Ventilators Already got You Every Thing you WANTED now Be Thankful & trust Trump God Bless America

  9. USA: 12 million tests and 1.6 million positive cases and a postive case rate of 13.4%. Deaths 95000
    Australia: 1.14 million tests and 7000 positive cases and a postive case rate of 0.6%. Deaths 100

    Big difference in the overall COVID 19 infection rate! Definitely not under control in the USA.

  10. Arkansas, Kansas, and Iowa are Republican states with a total of 9 million people. As of May 1st, collectively, they had 16,000 COVID cases TOTAL with approx. 2200 hospitalized. From Trumps placards, they received the following: 16,500,000 masks, 4,700,000 gowns, 350,000,000 surgical gloves. You do the math. Remember that nurse said she used her N95 for a week.


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