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While sheltering-in-place, Adam is livestreaming every week to work on builds and take questions from the Tested community! This livestream took place on 5/5/20, after Adam worked on weathering a Star Wars thermal detonator replica kit. Join the Tested Discord server to ask questions:

Questions answered in this video:
* What fictional character do you identify with the most?
* Have you put into any thought about what kind of cases for your Lighting Gun from the Matrix sequel?
* What TV shows did you watch as a kid?
* Have you tried any other games besides Beat Saber?
* How do you deal with the inevitability that someone might not like your work?
* What build had the worst ratio of how difficult you thought it would take to make vs how difficult it was to actually build?
* What are the pros and cons of different paints for weathering?
* Do you turn off your hearing aids when you use your louder machines in your shop?
* Is there a sequel next year that you are excited about?
* What are your favorite ways to meditate or center yourself when you are unable to build or organize in the cave?
* How do you organize your drawers?
* What is your favorite scale to work with when modeling?
* If you had an unlimited budget to add anything to your shop, what would it be?
* Do you still have a junk drawer?
* Do you have plans to give an address at our school (Rowan University) next year?

Adam will be livestreaming next on Tuesday at 1PM Pacific time! Subscribe to our channel (and click the bell for notifications) so you don’t miss the next live stream!

Shot by Adam Savage

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Adam Savage
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Intro bumper by Abe Dieckman
Set design by Danica Johnson
Set build by Asa Hillis

Thanks for watching!

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  2. Adam, the desire to sort and organize things such as Lego is not OCD.
    You just like to organize and categorize things…. It's not an uncontrollable compulsion that causes strife in your life.

    Now, if you have been diagnosed with OCD, you should recognize that your enjoyment in organizing Lego is not associated with your OCD. Instead, it's simply something that makes you happy.

  3. About the LEGOs, you could easily build and program a lego NXT robot to do that for you, a lego lego sorter!
    And being nit picky, that's aspergers and not OCD. OCD tends to revolve around intrusive thoughts while aspergers finds order and patterns

  4. This was a really neat episode, thank you. I just want you to know that you are a big inspiration for me, and I appreciate you cranking this kind of content out.

  5. Having someone not liking your stuff you build can hurt a bit. I built an indoor garden and had to change my plans halfway through it because my wife didn't like the way it was looking at it. So we can to a compromise and met in the middle. It sucks my original idea is not on the wall but hay that's creating for yah.

  6. Recently i've been struggling through suboxone withdrawals and have been trying to come off of it because i feel its been making it harder to live life with depression, but when i watch your videos you never fail to make me smile, nor did you in Mythbusters and i'm very grateful that you are here on this platform because you are such a great teacher and in my eyes one of the humblest but most professional and expert craftsmen(i just did construction (windows)(gutters)(vinyl siding)) abt a year ago so as a beginner with tape and a pencil/sharpie and making measurements and seeing how things me coming here to watch i feel like if i wanted i could TOO write notes and them be abt things you've said just to cheer me up or keep me going, or to push me to do something. I'm not really a woodworker or craftsman or maker at the moment because im just hard headed and wanting to be sober already, but you have helped teach me patience as i have been trying too fast, and i must live to see another Adam Savage video !!!

  7. Things I learned today – RPF, in Adam's world, stands for Replica Prop Forums. Also, Adam knows what DeviantArt is and I am shooooook.

  8. Probably by far it would have to be the original Star Trek. and the character Mr.Spock has hero statis with me. Leanord Nimoy was an incredible actor. some people's screen name's are beyond belief.

    R.I.P. Leanord Nimoy

  9. most of our drawers are or eventually become junk drawers and most of my closets and work areas can be considered "log jam"

  10. Can you try to build thr falcon wings with a jetpack attached to it. Jetpack is used for getting the person up in the air and the wings will glide and keep the person in the air, resulting to more air time.

  11. Do you really live in your moms' basement? lol.You are really in the life of your dreams, a thing so many of us have never been able to achieve no matter how long we have been around.Bless you, may it remain so for the rest of your life.

  12. you dont need 5 of any tool…..
    I buy pencils by the case, theres 6 over there, 3 more over here….. 🙂
    so not all tools then

  13. When asked about an unlimited budget. My first thought was a bigger shop. The second thought was it would be filled with more stuff.

  14. Oh my, I wasn't planning to watch all of this. I got things to do lol. You're videos are always insightful and engaging. I'm gonna have to find out how to ask questions for you. Thanks for your time.

  15. What a great series .. I love to listen to you as a question causes you to look inside yourself for an answer, maybe to something , or in a way, that you never thought about before.

  16. I enjoy your videos! You might like a series of books "The Michael Shayne Mysteries" by Brett Halliday.

  17. thanks adam for your little ray of sunshine – I really find the few mins I can get watching you build something, or talk about the process or just answer questions to be a real high light during all this.. thank you…
    really love the Chandler quote about Marlow…..i'll have to look into that series!

  18. Respectfully how the electronic ear pro works is that they are just like normal ear muffs that block most of any frequency and level of sound. With the addition of external microphones and internal speakers with a band pass style filter that only pipes sounds of a safe intensity into the speakers to your ears.

  19. Can I come over and hang out with that other fox you have? I have coronavirus antibodies. And beer. And I'll organize all the tape maybe

  20. You should check out my hearing aids. They have Bluetooth but block everything over 75db, while you can still hear someone talking next to you.

  21. When Adam mentioned the plot of Marlow and the Magic Movie machine, was I the only one who realized that is eerily close to Mystery Science Theater 3000? (MST3K)

  22. whats the video where adam makes lego organiser and screws up 5 times? xD i'm tryna find what he's talking about 17:44

  23. You really look like a proper anime workshop character now 🙂 How do us Europeans send in questions? I'm not up at those times..

  24. On someone not liking your build, I quote Elanor Roosevelt – "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." I'm actually OK with someone not liking my work if I respect them and their feedback is constructive.


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