90 day fiance update PART 2. Let’s take a look at 90 day fiance couples who are still together, and those that filed for a divorce…

We feature some of our favourite couples that we just couldn’t stop watching. Keep watching until the end to see some shocking developments with Jonathan and Fernanda!

00:21 – Anfisa and Jorge divorce update – Instagram revelations, weight loss and insults!
02:41 – Colt and Larissa now – what’s the status of their divorce and update on their court cases?
06:02 – Pedro and Chantel update – are they still together after 90 day fiance?
09:04 – Eric and Leida – are they still together or did Leida return ot Indonesia? And what happened to Tasha?
11:12 – Evelyn and David update – did they break up after Evelyn apperared on American Idol?
12:37 – Jonathan and Fernanda today – update on their relationship. Are they divorced or still together?

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  1. Unpopular opinion but I love Anfissa and George is a dumbass. She never pretended to be anything other than who she is and what she wants. George knew she was only with him for a visa and still stuck around. That’s his own fault! She’s funny as hell too!😂

  2. Larissa is a beast.. Theres nothing a new boy friend can help her do now. It is only thru him she came into America and can only get her papers thru him


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