The Cybertruck is a special vehicle, it looks different, it has insane specs, and it has more pre-orders than the model 3! If thats any indication, the Cybertruck is going to be one very successful vehicle!

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Americans love their pickup trucks, after all its in the American culture. The design language hasn’t really changed that much over the years, at least not until Tesla released their version of what a pickup truck should be like. A powerful, tough pickup that has more functionality than the traditional pickup for cheaper than any of those offerings.

Even the base level cybertruck comes well equipped, have you seen the model 3, there really isn’t that much missing from the base standard range model to the premium long range model. You lose out on a few speakers, a subwoofer and some little connectivity features. The only real draw back is range, that is if you are going to use it.

Judging from that, the entry level cybertruck is going to have more features than any comparable truck at that price range. Oh btw, don’t even look at autopilot being standard, the others don’t even have anything like it.

So here’s what we got so far, a truck that is much better than the competition, one that outperform the competition on several characteristics, and we’re only about a minute into the video. Yea There’s a lot more to talk about than that!
1. It’s going to be really cheap to run
2. It prolly weighs over 6000 lbs and that means businesses are likely to buy considered this due to tax incentives, the fact that you can write off 100% of the vehicle depreciation in the first year rather than only about 20@, leaving you with more cash.
3. Best in class range
4. Sell better in the American market compared to the model Y
5. The police are likely to start using it
6. It can be used on mars, as Elon stated that it’ll be the first rated mars’s official vehicle
7. It can replace your RV if you happen to use one, since by adding a trailer you can have much more power than an RV would have cuz of the big battery
8. It can be used for light trucking needs where you might need a van or small truck to do the job, not pickup truck, but an actual truck
9. It will be used by Tesla service to service Tesla vehicles as a part of their mobile fleet
10. It’ll be the primary vehicle for people working in construction who need stuff like
11. It can charge other EV’s on the road, if someone’s battery dies, they can just plug into a cybertruck and gain a few miles of energy to get to the next charger, a lot of towing companies will do this
12. This can be the go to vehicle for people who want to go on outdoor excursions, the closest rival for this purpose would be the Rivian R1T

The only reason people will buy this truck is because of cost savings, no one is going to buy a truck that is not as close to the features offered for the price, and businesses get that, thats why many businesses will be some of the first people to buy one. Business people are number people, they want to reduce operating cost to further expand their business or have a higher profit and this truck really saves them a lot of money. There are plenty of smart people who understand what this truck is about. Even with the wierd shape to it, it still manages to grab the attention of the entire car industry and its something so many people will talk about. Not only that but nearly 700,000 preorders have been put on the cybertruck with many people ordering more than, I for one have ordered 3, I want to see how well robotaxi is implemented and if its good, i might just buy more than 3, if not, i just get a refund.

The thing most people have to remember is that even tho 700k preorders don’t go through, the demand for this truck will be insane, insane to an extent that it’ll put the model 3 to shame, and that was the most revolutionizing cars of the 21st century, actually the most revolutionary car for over 100 years, the last one was the model T. The cybertruck may just beat the model 3 in demand and its totally understandable.

The cybertruck is truck for a lot of different people, many who own the truck will never haul anything or rarely tow anything and i know this becaus thats what the statistics show. The truck owners of today are not using their truck for hauling stuff, well not most of them. Once they find out that a nearly similarly priced truck that has so much more to offer and on top of that is cheap to run! Thats literally the final nail in the coffin for the American auto makers. All they had was a truck, now they are going to close that to a fairly new company.

The cybertruck is going to be revolutionary for the American companies that they won’t be able to sustain themselves, not against a superior product that is cheaper to operate.


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