Come check out 12 minutes of exclusive beta footage of Warhammer: Vermintide 2 gameplay on the Xbox One X.

Watch more from E3 2018 here!

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  1. 3 of 30 lvl players and they have like no skill and playing on recruit haha and the hits feel off in computer it feels just great the blood and animation of enemies.

  2. It shows your ammo when you have melee out, and PC doesn't have this? I'm sure some people on PC would enjoy a console hud option.

  3. Needs the shadow edging fixed. On PC I would turn SSAO off (or med) but on Xbox they are just eye sores. (Issue can be seen in Keep and on walls on so much in busy environments such as woods.

  4. Game doesnt look better than original game released two years ago. Same Heroes, only 13maps, nothing really new. Lame.

  5. Anyone have a decent non shitpost opinion on vermentide 1 please. To answer a few questions.

    I have no idea about the warhammer franchise, I heard vementide 1 was so laughably easy it could be completed in a day or so. is that true?
    Is the game just wave mode co-op with loot and grinding?
    Is the community elitist like L4D or payday where they would kick you in an instant for 1 mistake?
    is it fun co-op like dying light, or grindy co-op like L4D and payday?

  6. You figure it would look better since this is Xbox one x gameplay but it looks like my game on pc running at medium settings

  7. I get Vermintide 1 for free back in december of 2017, still playing util my gold expires 4 months back, but i really love this game.


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