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We cover the 10 saddest moments in league of legends esports history.

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  1. My most emotional moment was this. I was playing lol and we were down all the turrets except for the nexus ones and we didn't even destroy one turret. We talked a lot forming strategies while defending the last 2 turrets and in a 2 hour match we managed to make a comeback and we won

  2. watching: dyrus retirement. playing:getting my first mastery 7 (im not good and don't do competitive cuz im not good)

  3. My sadist was playing at the finals for my football team and it was viewed on tv and we lost by a touchdown and they did a zoom on my team at the end and I was trying because we but so much work just to let it slip killed me

  4. I I’m not much of a fan of league of legends but everyone’s story is just relatable and it just hits different when the fans are cheering on and just have respect for the players no matter the team. It just feeling like everyone’s family and everyone’s looking out for everyone and all the friends and the memories is that there more sad about probably not being able to play with the teammates/friends and all the memories made then not being in the team.

  5. My most emotional moment was when my favorite team upseted best team of all time in my region. I cried of happines

  6. Hey can anyone pls help me ….
    I remember that there was a scene in professional LOL game around season 5. It is which the red team lulu solo killed the enemy. The reason why this scene was so remarkable and memorable, it was because the lulu used her pet, pix to last hit the blue team mid champ. Causing the lulu solo killed the champ which was about to recall near the blue team turret. I have been wondering who played and when was the game… however, none of my friends can tell me and I can’t find it on the Internet. Can anyone pls help

  7. I love how they dont show Faker being caught out costing SKT the finals, but they are quick to show highlights of why everyone else is emotional. Weird!

  8. My most emotional moment is C9 is the first lcs team at the world semi finals,even i'm not form North America,I'm come from Taiwan,but i just screaming all the series when they dominate the Korea team.

  9. Mine was my first pentakill with the old Kayle was listening to The Fat Rat and when the base dropped I got the penta

  10. The most emotional moment for me was when me and my team joined a local tournament, knocked out the favorite team to win the tournament and got the 2nd place.


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